Casing Services

B&L Services is an experienced and skilled casing company. Our portfolio of client projects and experience in diverse environmental conditions has allowed us to become a leader in the casing industry. We have the skills, experience, and equipment to complete your casing projects quickly and safely.

Our full-service casing crews are equipped to run 2 ⅜” - 36” casing and our casing running tools have the capacity to run casing from 4 ½” up to 26”, rated up to 660-ton. Our multi-function casing running tools can also act as fill tools and cementing tools. We know that time is paramount to the success of businesses in our industry and our modern equipment will allow your team to quickly adapt to the needs of your immediate goals while our award winning safety record proves our top priority remains focused on employee safety.

Full Service Casing Crew

Our highly trained team of casing experts are experienced and equipped to run 2 ⅜” - 36” casing.

Casing Running Tool

Our casing running tool rigs up in less than 5 minutes and is capable of running 4 ½” casing up to 26”, rated up to 660-ton. This multi-functional tool can also be used as a fill tool and cement work.

Torque Turn Services

Our Torque Turn Services monitors the make-up torque for all types of threads providing our customers with real-time makeup data.

Lay Down Machine

With a quick set up and the latest technology, our lay down machines handle up to 20”.

Hydraulic Catwalk

Our Hydraulic Catwalks enable operators to safely lay down and pick up casing between   2 ⅜” - 20”.

Flush Mount

Operated by pneumatics and hydraulics, our flush mount spider can accommodate 2 3/8" - 10 3/4” casing, up to 350 Ton, while eliminating pinch points associated with setting manual slips as well as the use of manual backup tongs.