B&L Equipment Rental services provide the latest in generators, oil based containment systems, and a vast assortment of handling tools. Reliable, updated equipment is an important cornerstone for our safety program. Renting equipment from B&L Services will mean reduced downtime, the latest technological advancements and environmentally efficient solutions for your projects. We continually updated and service our rental equipment to maintain available, high performance options for our customers.



The Environmental Protection Agency has increased the emissions standards for generators. All of our generators are certified to comply with environmental regulations and offer the most updated models of portable power.

GO GREEN Systems

Our partnership with Go Green Equipment Leasing provides our customers with efficient LED light tower-generator combo units that reduce operating cost.  http://www.ggmpower.com/

Katch Kan Systems

We offer Katch Kan oil-based containment systems for their reliable and environmentally-friendly reputation. http://www.katchkan.com/ 

Handling Tools

Our handling tools range from 2 3/8” up to 36”. We offer both manual and pneumatic air tools. Our inventory includes slips, spider bowls, elevators, dog collars, thread protectors, and more.