United Well Control Snubbing Operations

B&L Services understands the importance of well control techniques.  Our services include monitoring for impending pressure and imbalances.  We have developed a time-tested action plan for well control issues which seamlessly integrates our decades of experience with the latest technological advances in equipment.

United Well Control is the exclusive and only provider for snubbing operations on the West Coast. Our snubbing specialists undergo a rigorous training and certification process that requires expertise in Blow Out Prevention (BOP).  All of our snubbing operators have IADC - Well Control Certification and are crossed trained in Lubricator Systems, BOP Testing / Nipple up Services.

Snubbing Units 

Our snubbing units provide customers with equipment that exceeds industries safety standards. 

B.O.P. Testing 

Our B.O.P. test units are among the safest in the industry and can test up to 15,000 psi.

Lubricator Systems 

Our Lubricator Systems utilize a back pressure valve which is designed to provide control of well pressure in the flow of the bore of the tubing string. 

Nipple Up Wrenches 

Our Nipple Up Wrenches provide a safe and efficient method for loosening and tightening bolts. We can accommodate sizes ranging from 1 7/16” - 3 ⅛”. 

Rig Lifting Systems 

Our Rig Lifting System consists of four hydraulics capable of lifting 27,450 lbs. at 1500 psi pump pressure, for a total lift force of 109,800 lbs. These rams have a usable stroke of 32-34 inches. 

Hydro Crane / Trucking 

Our 23, 27, & 30 ton hydro cranes enable B&L to transport our equipment safely and efficiently. Our crane operators are certified by the State of California.