B&L Services serves the oil, gas, and geothermal industries

For over two decades, B&L Services has served the oil, gas, and geothermal industries.  Our offerings have grown from casing services to expanding as a full service industry provider. By growing our services and equipment availability, we have become a one-stop-shop for the diverse goals of our customers.  


Our services include:

    ● Casing Services 
    ● CRT – Casing Running Tool 
    ● Hydraulic Lay Down Machines 
    ● Tongs
    ● Conventional Laydown Machines 
    ● Snubbing Units 
    ● B.O.P. Testing 
    ● Lubricator Systems 
    ● Nipple Up Services 
    ● Flush Mount Spider 
    ● Elevators 
    ● 200/300/500 Ton Air Casing Tools 
    ● Hydro Crane 
    ● Trailer Units 
    ● Equipment Rentals


Casing Services

B&L Services began as a casing company. We have over twenty years of experience with casing projects in various landscapes, budgets, and time frames. We have a highly trained, full service casing crew equipped to run 2 ⅜” - 30” casing and the latest in casing running tool technology with the capacity to run casing from 4 ½” up to 26", rated up to 660-ton..


Snubbing Operations

Our United Well Control Division is the only operation west of the Rockies to supply snubbing services. Our snubbing operators are highly trained and Well Control Certified. Our snubbing equipment and skills allow us to run pipe and tools into high pressure wells even when the weight of the pipe does not naturally breakthrough the BOPs. During snubbing operations, our pipes or tools are pushed into the well through a stripper head or blowout preventer until the weight of the string is sufficient to overcome the lifting effect of the well pressure on the pipe in the blow out preventer.


BOP Testing

Our BOP Testing (Hydrostatic Testing) allows United Well Control Services to test up to 15,000 psi using high pressure fluid pumps driven by diesel engines. The test units are designed and engineered specifically for hydrostatic testing of wellhead equipment, flow lines and hoses, down hole and casing, drilling and work over rig equipment, tanks and vessels, and a variety of other applications. Our test units are engineered, manufactured, and certified. They are among the best in the market with safety features that far exceed our current competitors. Each test unit is equipped with a nitrogen system that enables the operator to set the desired RPD (relief pressure device) ensuring that each test is within the safety guidelines.


Nipple Up Services

Our Nipple Up Services are used to install and tighten various bolts types to torque specifications. This is accomplished by using high pressure hydraulic pumps and self-ratcheting hydraulic wrenches on wellhead equipment, flow lines, vessels, and a variety of other equipment. Equipment Rentals B&L Services offers a complete line of equipment rentals from tier 4 generators to handling tools ranging from 2 3/8” up to 20”. We service and update our equipment regularly to supply our clients with the best tools for the job.


Trailer Rentals

We know from experience that having a clean and comfortable mobile unit is critical for most projects. B&L Services offers modern, professional customers trailer rentals in a variety of floor plans and a wealth of amenities.